Apple Introduces New Retina Display Macbooks

Posted on June 11, 2012 by Rae Michelle Richards

At the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco Apple announced the latest version of their Macbook Air and Macbook Pro notebooks. Along with new hardware under the hood Apple also includes their impressive Retina displays in some of their new models.

The brand new Macbook Air will come in 11 inch and 13 inch flavors featuring Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors running as fast as 2.0GHZ with USB 3.0 and up to 512GB of flash storage. If you’re looking into one of these be prepared for your wallet to get a lot lighter as they start at $1100 and go up from there.

Apple discontinued the 17inch Macbook Pro and will be instead offering the13 and 15 inch variants. The most impressive feature for the new Macbook Pro is the Retina Display capable of displaying resolutions up to 3 times as clear as the previous models. As with the Macbook Air the new Pro’s do not come cheap, starting at $2100.

Source: IGN

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