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NintendoLand Announced At E3

Nintendo announced during their E3 Press Briefing a new title for Wii U, called NintendoLand.

Developed to be the “game that makes you understand the Wii U,” Nintendoland is a party game that features your Mii exploring a Nintendo theme park, loaded with attractions and games to play that tie to various Nintendo franchises.

Nintendo aims for the game to be fun for both multiplayer and single player gamers, and will tie in closely with Miiverse, Nintendo’s online community infrastructure.

Promising Asymmetric gameplay, Nintendo did an on-stage demo of Luigi’s Ghost Mansion, one of the multiplayer attractions found in the game. This minigame features 4 players on Wii Remotes in a maze trying to find and successfully drain the health of a ghost, being controlled by a single player on a Wii U gamepad.

The game looks like a compilation of various Wii U tech demos we saw introduced at last year’s E3 Briefing.

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