Wii U OS Details Leaked?

Details surrounding the operating system Nintendo’s upcoming Wii-U have supposedly leaked online.  All of this information seems very tentative considering the fact that the poster mentioned that these details came from a “Version 4 development kit” that is supposedly a few months old.

This information is supposedly two months old and may change considering the fact that the Wii-U is not expected to be released until October or November. The Wii-U’s OS will be reportedly one of the largest in console history clocking in at 512MB. Apparently the operating system run by the Wii-U has “never been seen before on a home console”.  Despite these claims that the WIi-U’s OS will be revolutionary Nintendo is keeping the dashboard close to its chest, developers currently do not have access to it.

Hopefully Nintendo will shed some light on this new revolutionary dashboard at next month’s E3 conference.

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