Company of Heroes 2 Ready To Be Deployed Sometime Next Year

Long time RTS developer Relic Entertainment is set to unveil the next entry in their World War II franchise Company of Heroes in the next issue of PC Magazine. A user on the popular forum NeoGaf spotted an early copy of the magazine which contains a preview of the upcoming Company of Heroes 2.

COH2, due out in 2013, shifts things over to Europe’s eastern front according to the PC Magazine cover story. This of course means that your forces will be battling it out on cold Soviet tundra during battles like Operation Barbarosa, The Battle of Stalingrad and the battle at Kursk.

The original Company of Hereos was released in 2006, meaning that we are long overdue for a sequel. Check out the first promotional artwork from the game thanks to a screengrab of the latest PC Magazine cover after the jump.

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