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Posted on October 11, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

We here at Broken Joysticks love videogames, anime and technology so much that our editors just have to share some of the coolest stuff that they find on the net. We know that there are countless other online outlets that provide some of the same news that we do – but we feel that our editor’s unique viewpoints and in-depth reviews are what set us apart from other gaming blogs out there.

In the last three years we’ve provided readers with over 2,000 different articles ranging from in-depth game reviews, to editorials, to hands-on impressions with some of the hottest upcoming games & more.  It is our mission to bring you, our readers, the best content we possibly can curated from a number of different sources as well as provide thought provoking and informative original content.

With review partnerships with several different indie developers, indie publishers and AAA publishers Broken Joystick’s editors are always working on assortment of different stories. We feel that our editors each have their own unique style, tastes and flair and that is why you aren’t going to find any review scores at the bottom of our reviews – we let the words speak for themselves.

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Who We Are


Rae Michelle Richards aka “Sparky” (@Kitsune86 on Twitter)

Founder & Editor In Chief

Rae Michelle is an industry veteran with over a decade of experience as a freelance writer, editorial lead and business owner. She got her start writing freelance articles for IGN before moving on to manage TeamXbox for IGN in 2010. She managed that site for over two years where she learned valuable skills and industry practises.

She is one of the founding six editors of Broken Joysticks media and has written over 700 posts since the site came online in May 2012. Her day-to-day duties include handling Public Relations requests, assigning editorial duties to editors and assisting with the site’s social media accounts.

Kirk Williford

Founding Member & Site Manager

Kirk is a founding member of Broken Joysticks and an experienced veteran of the gaming industry. He has worked on titles such as ArenaNet’s Guild Wars 2 and 343industries’ Halo 5: Guardians. Outside of gaming, he’s a big fan of all disaster movies — no matter how bad they are.

Renee Gittens aka “Riku”

On Site Reporter & Dev Expert

Renee leads Stumbling Cat, a indie game studio located in Seattle. She has been passionate about video games since her childhood when she first played Wolfenstein 3D. Since then she has expanded her gaming beyond FPS games to include all genres, though she is particularly fond of MMOs, MOBAs and, of course, those FPS games that got her into gaming. In addition to developing games, Renee expresses her passion for video games through cosplay, fan art, and writing articles and blogs.

You can see her work here!

Kyle Scarboro

On Site Reporter & Reviews Editor

Kyle is an audio engineer specializing in sound and music towards games and movies. He value the music in games over all other aspects and it is usually what keeps him playing them for days.

Kyle come to the site to bring exposure of the music and sound effects for all forms of gaming- he also reviews games you might not be familiar with (and some that you are!)

With orchestras doing world tours based off everyone’s favorite games, he thinks that every inspiring artist and composer out there should find their muse. If he can find it for you, then he’s done his job.

Brandon Hall

On Site Reporter & Event Videographer

Brandon started playing real-time strategy games at an early age. Gaming has always been a main part of his life – since he was younger, he’s have branched out to all genres leaving nothing out of play.

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