Kirby Battle Royale coming to 3DS on January 19th

Kirby has met his match in battle…himself!

Kirby is entering a tournament against his toughest rival yet…himself! 1-4 players can fight in local or online battles. You’ll be able to pick from more than ten abilities and ten battle types as well to compete in. Hoard treasure in Ore Express, knock out opponents in Slam Hockey, shoot missiles at Robo Bonkers, and more! There’s a single-player story mode too!

As you uncover King Dedede’s nefarious plan, you’ll unlock abilities and battle types in the Cake Royale tournament. In this competition, you’ll learn the basics of battle while earning Boost Orbs that power up Kirby, as well as nostalgic headgear to wear in other modes, and even a new playable character. Then dive into battle!

The game supports four players via local wireless, Online Ranked mode, or with Download Play. Compete in 2-on-2 or Free-For-All battles.

As expected the game will be compatible with Kirby series amiibo which will unlock exclusive in-game items. Kirby, King Dedede, and Waddle Dee are all compatible with the game

The game will retail for $49.99 USD in both physical and in the Nintendo eShop.

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