Lots of Classic JRPGS Coming To The Japanese 3DS Virtual Console This Week

Fans of classic JRPGs and Action Roleplaying Games who either live in Japan or have a Japanese New Nintendo 3DS are in for a treat as Ninty will be updating the e-shop with 12 new to the service classics from the Super Famicom era.

Titles like Breath of Fire I & II, Castlevania: Dracula X, Final Fantasy VI and Ogre Battle have been entertaining players for decades and now a lot of them are becoming portable on modern hardware thanks to this hefty serving of new Virtual Console content.

Here is the full list as posted by Nintendo Wire:

  • Breath of Fire
  • Breath of Fire II
  • Castlevania: Dracula X
  • Demon’s Crest
  • Famicom Tantei Club Part II: Ushiro ni Tatsu Shojo
  • Final Fantasy IV
  • Final Fantasy V
  • Final Fantasy VI
  • Ganbare Goemon 2
  • Ganbare Goemon 3
  • Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen
  • Romancing SaGa 2

No word yet on if any of these games will be released in the North American e-shop on Thursday. Some of these games – like Final Fantasy VI are already available on the Wii U e-shop so it isn’t all that unlikely that they could make the jump to New 3DS. Whatever the case – we will be sure to bring you a new “Nintendo Download” on Thursday with all of the details.

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