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2017 National StreetPass Weekend – Spring Edition

Spring is finally here and so is another Nintnedo National StreetPass Weekend!

From April 13th – 16th, collect up to six StreetPass tags from across North America when you stop by a Nintendo Zone location with your Nintendo 3DS. I’ll admit that these national StreetPass weekends excited me more when McDonald’s was a national partner and there was a Nintendo Zone near me. The only real partner in Canada is Best Buy, which unfortunately are few and far between. There are 19 McDonalds in my city while there are just 2 Best Buy stores.

Regardless two of Nintendo’s 3DS games have some special things coming this month both in the Nintendo Zone as well as otherwise.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Welcome amiibo has special in-game furniture and items when you visit a Nintendo Zone location. In addition, you can get one item from Nintendo by in-game mail via the SpotPass. Get these special pieces and add these spring-themed pieces to your room:

  • Cherry-blossom clock (4/1-4/15) in Nintendo Zone
  • Taurus bathtub (4/16-4/30) in Nintendo Zone
  • Lotus pond (from Post Office)

Pokémon Shuffle – You can use the StreetPass feature to share game stats with others—and see their stats in return. You can also earn one heart per five StreetPass occasions. Pokémon Shuffle is also giving away a special in-game gift every day for those who check-in until the promotion ends on 4/18!

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