Punch Club Devs Partner With Tiny Build For New Graveyard Management Game

Posted on February 24, 2017 by Rae Michelle Richards

Have you ever wanted to enter the lucrative graveyard management business? It might sound morbid or even macabre to consider but that is exactly the premise behind the latest game from the minds of Punch Club, titled Grave Keeper.

Set in medieval times Grave Keeper allows players to expand their graveyard enterprise into the entertainment sector by offering admittance o up public witch burnings, explore new business opportunities like selling the blood of the deceased or finally figuring out what parts of the human body are perfect for recycling. Players will not only be able to acquire new land for their thriving body disposal business but also explore dungeons to find the truly rare loot that is necessary for the efficient disposal of the dead.

Lazy Bear Games will host a publicly available alpha for testers who sign up for it. Grave Keeper will be playable at PAX East, for those not attending the convention Tiny Build has also released a number of animated GIFs from the game as well as a trailer which you can check out below.

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