GameStop USA Has Already Run Out of Nintendo Switch Pre-Orders

Getting your hands on a Nintendo Switch pre-order might be a little harder in the United States as GameStop USA has announced that they have reserved all units in their first allotment from Ninty. It took them just two days to burn through whatever % of the expected two million units that they were allocated for the March 3rd street date.

In a statement issued to GameSpot GameStop’s Marketing VP Bob Puzon said:

“The fact that this initial allotment has been completely reserved in a matter of a few days demonstrates gamers’ desire for this fun and revolutionary gaming system,”


Signage of a typical GameStop store

As of press time (4PM MST January 16th) GameStops website reports that the Nintendo Switch is currently “unavailable”. Similarly a cursory glance at shows that the upcoming hybrid tablet is also sold out there as well. Looking through Canadian retailers things don’t look much better – is completely sold out of pre-orders and EBGames (the Canadian equivalent of GameStop) shows a total unavailability of the upcoming console.

Nintendo Switch

At this point no one is getting a Nintendo Switch if they haven’t ordered one already.

Nintendo Switch will launch on March 3rd worldwide with an expected install base of 2 million units with more to follow in the subsequent months. Do you feel that 2 million units is enough? Let us know in the comments section and while you are there why not speculate on exactly how much a Nintendo Switch will go for on Ebays once all of the day one pre-orders have been filled.


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