Enlist In Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s Beta This October

Activision will give players on PlayStation 4 preferential access to the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare for those who pre-order the title. Xbox owners will get the multiplayer beta at a later date with PC players completely left out in the cold as the beta is “not available on PC. No mention of the multiplayer beta being open – looks like putting $5 down at a participating retailer is the only way in.

Infinite Warfare’s multiplayer takes the class driven gameplay introduced in last year’s Black Ops III and expands upon it with the concept of “rigs”. Each “rig” is in actuality a combination of three different traits and perks that players can cycle through. Also changing are “payloads” – which are the new name for the powerful ultimate-weapons also introduced in Call of Duty: Blacks Ops III. During the course of a match players can swap between different rig load outs depending on their enemies’ tactics – not unlike how in Overwatch players can swap characters to meet their situational needs.

From those who have played the game at Call of Duty XP – Kill-streaks and staples like UAV / Counter UAV are still present with the parkour gameplay popularized by Advanced Warfare and Black Ops III.

Activision & Infinity Ward have also released a multiplayer reveal trailer so those of us not at the XP event can get a taste of whats coming this October.

Need to check out more Infinite Warfare action? Here’s 30 minutes of gameplay from Fanboy-Attack:

How do you feel about the pre-order requirement for the beta given that previous betas have been open to all?


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