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Circle to open Kingdom’s Item Shop in 3DS eShop on August 18th

Circle Entertainment is bringing Kingdom’s Item Shop to North America next week. Kingdom’s Item Shop, developed and released by PUMO in Japan in 2014, is a game that simulate running an item shop in a Fantasy Role-Playing Game Universe.

In the game you are the new owner of an item shop. Your goal is to run your property and make it the most popular item shop of the Kingdom. To become a popular owner, you’ll need to explore dungeons for ingredients, find new composition recipes, compose items, and sell items to whom in need.

The game seems like an interesting concept, especially if you’d much rather take on a less adventurous role in the world of fantasy RPGs. I mean, what does that shop owner in that village I keep coming back to for potions do all day while I’m out saving the world?

Look for the single-player game on August 18th in the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

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