Road to Ballhalla is out now on Steam

One of my most beloved publishers, tinyBuild Games, is having an amazing year. With over a half dozen published hit indie games this year alone, tinyBuild is truly on fire. Today they bring their latest to Steam. If you like rhythm, great music, puns, and challenging gameplay you are going to want to check Ballhalla out. Developer Torchedhill have put a fresh take on the classic ball rolling genre by adding rhythm elements, a framed it a beautiful world of muted colors and light.


Rhythm, balls, puns, and great music

Torched Hill have brought to the table something totally new in the world of simple rolling ball games. Adding rhythm elements reminiscent of Crypt of the Necro Dancer, this is a fresh take on a genre as old as video games.The aesthetic is a beautiful minimalism but with contrasting bright colors, and the game itself looks absolutely fantastic,  and because tinyBuild are truly insane:

Introducing Twitch Plays Ballhalla

Head on over to our twitch channel to participate in Twitch Plays Ballhalla. The chat is challenged to complete this unforgiving marble-rolling game, and will be rewarded with Steam keys for both Road to Ballhalla and other tinyBuild titles.  I personally cant wait to see what happens with this one, as Twitch plays is usually hilarious to watch.

So head on over to that Steam page and pick up this gem for 10% during its release week! meaning its at the low low price of just 14USD!

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