Killing Floor Comes To The World Of VR In A New Release

Posted on June 13, 2016 by Les Major

Killing Floor Incursion

Creating experiences in VR is a difficult task, and a unique one. Seeing what is happening on a TV screen and experiencing it through a pair of goggles are two separate worlds really. As discussed during the E3 2016 PC show even something like gun recoil needs to be rethought for VR. It needs to feel powerful just the same, but not take the user out of the experience. The game itself cannot control the players head. Instead developers need to find new ways to convey the sorts of motion and also direct the players attention toward the action as it unfolds. That’s what is being thought through for Killing Floor: Incursion.

From what we learned about Killing Floor: Incursion at the conference, it seems they are taking things like this into account. It’s a different experience and something that must be handled with VR in mind. I’ve personally worked with some VR video editing myself, and it is a completely different medium to work with. Seeing developers keeping this in mind is an important thing. We are just scratching the surface of a brand new entertainment platform and so far this is looking really awesome!

Check out the content below from Killing Floor: Incursion’s trailer.

E3 2016 E32016 Incursion Killing Floor PC VR



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