An interview with Eli Hooten CTO of Game Wisp

Eli Hooten of Game Wisp was kind enough to sit down with yours truly this past week and spend about 30 minutes talking about Game Wisp, a new service for twitch streamers and YouTube content creators. Eli can explain his product better than I ever can but I will give you the quick pitch. Twitch doesn’t allow the vast majority of its streamers to have subscribe buttons, this is a feature that is restricted to partners only. Game Wisp aims to level the playing field, and bring the subscribe button to the masses.

It also does so much more, with Game Wisp you can give back to your fans, giving them something in exchange for their support of your channel or stream. If you want reward them by allowing them to play with you, you can do that, if you want to give them a shirt you can do that! All of it is quick and easy with Game Wisp. Game Wisp also gives creators the ability to give a percentage of their donations to charity, and perhaps most important of all, Game Wisp is on the side of the streamer, or content creator when it comes to charge backs. It really is a fantastic product, and along with its amazing donation features it also has a fairly robust (and getting more robust) community building system which allows creators to post and talk to their fans. Integration with existing stream tools like Stream alerts and popular bots means that you wont even have to change how you stream to start using Game Wisp. So watch Eli talk about how great his product is, and then go give it a try.

I have started using Game Wisp for our sponsored streamer, as well as our own Twitch account, and I can personally say that set up was easy, and I feel like its going to be a great help to me to have the tool available for use.

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