Manga Review: Mai Ball

Posted on May 10, 2016 by Fionna Schweit

 Special guest piece by: Nikki Bronx

It’s all about my…

Wait, no it’s about me!?!

Actually, it’s all about Mai. Specifically the cute, shy daydreamer Mai and her secret love for her best friend Kunimitsu. In the world of Mai her life revolves around Kunimitsu, school and unfortunately for Mai football. Yes this manga has a sports theme to bad poor Mai doesn’t like football. But the love of her life Kunimitsu does and that’s her problem shes trying to solve.

When Mai was little Kunimitsu asked Mai to help him become a better football player. Thinking it would help her get closer she agreed. Years later Kunimitsu is now considered a genius at football and Mai’s love for him has only grown more intense. The story grows more interesting as it seems Kunimitsu is totally oblivious to Mai’s feelings. Making things even more unusual is all the time she spent helping him train Mai has grown to a very skilled football player and possibly of equal ability as Kunimitsu himself.

You get drawn into rooting for Mai hoping she will tell him the truth of how she feels but the world around her has other plans. Even if Kunimitsu is oblivious to Mai’s feelings his love for football has him begin to push Mai to embrace the same love he has. As this revelation happens Mai feels her skills are  not good enough and even points out she hates the sport and only did things to help him. Kunimitsu appears ignorant to her feelings about the sport and begins to plan on ways for her to share his same ideals about the game.


While he works on making Mai share his love for football Mai is working on how to tell him how she feels. If these two weren’t having enough fun then comes Reika a girl who also has a crush on Kunimitsu  and has resentment to Mai for being so close to him. Working on how to separate them she pulls Mai into a football challenge to see who the better of the two is. This is when you get to see the power of magic as Kunimitsu helps bring out Mai’s true abilities with a conjure – a kiss.

Finding her true power Mai confronts Reika on the field and it is here you see her true power shine in the sport. Too bad the magic also causes her imagination to go out of control and she has daydreams of love love with Kunimitsu. Even caught in her imagination Mai somehow beats Reika and is invited to join the girls team at the school. As the win is announced you are introduced to the all-girl football team and they are a wild and varied group of girls.

And the adventure continues…

For the love of the sport and of course for Kunimitsu’s affection!





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