Black Ops 3 Eclipse DLC Impressions

Posted on May 4, 2016 by Erika

Eclipse DLC Soldier Background

First released for Playstation 4 on April 19th, with it coming to PC and Xbox One on May 19th, Black Ops 3 Eclipse DLC is what could be either really fun, or possibly some more of the same from Treyarch’s three-lane system that they use for designing multiplayer. Having recently bought this DLC for the PS4, the regular multiplayer maps still have the same design feel while keeping it fun. while the new Zombies map keeps Zetsubou No Shima keeps it interesting. Since there’s a special playlist that has matches only on the new multiplayer maps and I played a bit on them along with zombies, so here’s my thoughts on them.

Multiplayer Maps

Spire is described as a futuristic sub-orbital airport terminal set high in the clouds. Multiple levels and open areas promote intense, mid-range combat around a clean, high-tech civilian environment. From my bit of gameplay on that map, the open spaces give some nice opportunities for flanking while also give snipers a chance to set up a few spaces to camp. Gameplay is decently fast, but not too fast.

Knockout is described as being housed in a traditional Shaolin Temple with a retro twist, Knockout sets the stage for a bloody Kung Fu tournament. This mid-sized map showcases a sharp contrast between the mid-range engagements of the traditional exterior architecture and the tight close-quarters of an eclectic 1970’s styled interior. I’ve seen this map in the Ground War playlist rotation and this is probably one of the better maps for it as even though it’s not a gigantic map, it’s large enough to keep matches hectic. In regular playlists though, it feels like gameplay is a little bit slower when compared to some of the other maps.

Rift has this interesting description to it: Head to the core of a harsh futuristic military complex, set high above an active caldera. Rift funnels and forces tight, intense engagements, where the only way through is forward. Utilize the unique core movement opportunities to outsmart and outplay enemies as you traverse the suspended rail system. This map has a decent focus on core movement for getting around the map and provides some great flanking routes because of this. It’s a smaller map and it could possibly become a fan-favorite, especially for people that like to either spawn-trap the other team, or for just running and gunning. Having done a few really good run-and-gun matches on the map, matches can be played though quite quickly.

Verge is described as dropping Multiplayer combat into the center of a distant post-apocalyptic future, where two warring factions are entrenched in constant battle. Take control of the key bridge, fortresses, tunnel systems and waterfalls as you engage in high-speed action through this medium-sized map. This is a remastered map of fan-favorite Banzai from World at War’s second DLC pack. As never owning that pack for WaW, this was a new expierence for me. The tunnel system keeps encounters tight ,while fights in the cave area and entrances are usually pretty open and hectic. The open areas of the map are also good for sniping as well.


On a remote island in the Pacific, a mysterious facility hides the secrets behind Division 9’s sinister experiments…” After escaping from being imprisoned and fought their way off of a Japanese Naval boat, the original cast from The Giant, swim towards an island that looks to be inspired from Shi No Numa (the Swamp of Death) from World at War. Like playing though other Zombies maps, this map is a challenge for me. I’m not terribly good at this game mode, but it’s really fun to play regardless. Really fun, until the giant spiders show up every certain number of rounds. They’re a pain to deal with, but are easily killed.

So far, this is a pretty solid map pack, and if anything, the new Zombies map will keep me entertained for quite a while at least. The multiplayer maps are interesting enough, and combined with Zombies, it was worth the $15 I spent on it.

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