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Total War: Warhammer Scenario Walk Through with Andy Hall

Total Warhammer is an upcoming tactical army battle game from SEGA and Creative Assembly. We had the amazing chance to watch a guided play through of one of the games missions with Andy Hall. Andy walked us through an attack scenario where he was playing as the humans and attacking a group of vampire counts. 

During his play through we were able to see many of the games mechanics, including the new ability to control in first person many of the games artillery units, and the improvements that have been made to calvary units to make them feel more impactful. From what I saw and was able to play, the game is taking shape as a wonderful telling of the Warhammer: Fantasy world put in to the frame work of a total war game.

Ill let Andy do most of the telling, but when the video starts up Rae and I are standing next to Andy and he’s about to get down to business with our human faction taking on the Vampire counts. Keep an eye on the screen while you listen to his narration and explanation of whats going on as he fights for the fate of man. 


I for one can’t wait to get my hands on Total War: Warhmmer when it releases on May 24th. 

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