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Knight Squad PAX East Guided Demo & Video

ChinsawAwesome’s 8 player indie brawler Knight Squad had their own booth at PAX East and we were able to get a guided tour of the mayhem filled multiplayer title from one of the developers. Players take to the arena was one of several colored Knights with the objective of capturing a chalice placed within the arena.  Just don’t think it will be easy to capture because every player has access to different power-ups and ability pick-ups placed throughout the map!

Last man standing style death match isn’t the only activity isn’t Knight Squad’s only mode – players can also test the strength of their friendships with Medieval Soccer, Capture the Flag, Capture the Grail and more. Knight Squad also supports up to 8 players for chaotic evil online times!

Knight Squad is currently available on Steam and the Xbox Live Marketplace.

[youtube id=”vW_gGwYhns8″]

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