Do A Barrel Roll With These Two Star Fox Zero Gameplay Videos

Posted on April 28, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards

Star Fox Zero

Earlier in the week, after all of the PAX East madness had subsided, my wife & I decided to do a co-op stream of Star Fox Zero. This take on the Star Fox series, the first console release since 2005, brings with it a unique control scheme that has players looking at the Wii U game pad and television screen simultaneously.

Our full review is still incoming, but for now I hope you’ll enjoy these two videos covering the game’s tutorial section and first real missions. In this co-op setup my wife controlled the Arwing’s movements with a Wii Remote and I used the Wii U game pad to control the artillery.


[youtube id=”iAK6nYuSa-k”]

[youtube id=”EjCrtb4kGs0″]

gameplay Nintendo Star Fox Zero Video

Nintendo Video


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