Dan McFox: Head Hunter turns up on Nintendo 3DS

Posted on April 19, 2016 by Jason Nason

Lightwood Games has announced their next game for the Nintendo 3DS and it won’t be another word game. The game, Dan McFox: Head Hunter, will hit eShops in Europe on Thursday, April 21st with the North American release date still not determined.

It’s a budget title (£1.99 / €2.49) which we plucked from our back-catalogue of mobile phone games and remixed in some interesting ways for 3DS.

Dan McFox: Head Hunter is inspired by the kids’ board game Guess Who and is a remix from Lightwood Games’ back-catelogue of mobile games. The game sees you racing to pick out the right faces in a crowd, to help agent Dan McFox round up the suspects he’s looking for. It’s frantic screen-tapping fun with (literally) billions of faces!

“While it’s a slight and momentary change of direction for our studio,” the studio said in a release, “porting across an old favourite as a low-priced release gave us chance to get to grips with some new things, like using Nintendo Network for leaderboards, and making our first multi-lingual game.”

The game also uses StreetPass.

While the release date for Dan McFox: Head Hunter in North America has yet to be confirmed, it will likely be out within a few weeks.



Dan McFox: Head Hunter Lightwood Games Nintendo 3DS



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