Broken Deals: Cheap Xbox Ones, Games & More

It has been awhile since we’ve featured some amazing gaming deals here on the site. With recent releases like the new Rachet & Clank and Dark Souls III tearing up the sales charts and adding to people’s gamerscore / trophy count it is about time for us to feature some new deals. I think this week’s edition of Broken Deals might appeal to those looking to jump into the current generation or pick up a new console.

Amazing Xbox One System Deal 

First up we’ve got an absolutely stellar deal on a refurbished Xbox One console via Coming in at just shy of $190 this is the cheapest I’ve seen an Xbox One console – new, refurbished or used – if you haven’t jumped on Microsoft’s latest console for exclusives like Sunset Overdrive, Halo 5 and others perhaps this is the deal you’ve been waiting for.

XboxOne Deals

Xbox Live Deal

Now that we’ve got the console out of the way let’s talk about online access. Technically you don’t need Xbox Live to make use of your console if you are planning to play single player games. However with Microsoft offering great games like the aforementioned Sunset Overdrive for free as part of their Games With Gold program, it’d be a waste to at least not try out the service and get some free software. Amazon is offering $4 off of a 3 month card right now. 

Star Wars Battlefront Deal

So you’ve got a new console, an online service that offers you free games (including quite a few AAA ones) but what else can you play on the Xbox One? Well Amazon also has a deal on EA’s Star Wars Battlefront currently – at an amazing $25 USD off the original price. The base game offers a number of different maps, modes and unlocks to get you started and there’s additional DLC available that extends the life of the game once you’ve reached max rank! 

Rise of the Tomb Raider Deal

If third person action is more your taste then perhaps a copy of the Xbox One / PC exclusive Rise of the Tomb Raider will pique your interest. Set after the events of 2013’s Tomb Raider this new adventure finds our heroin Lara Croft continuing her tomb raiding adventures.  

Broken Deals is a semi regular feature highlighting various game & tech related deals around the web. Some of our links, such as those from Amazon, do contain a referral link that may result in a portion of the purchase price being earned by Broken Joysticks Media.

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