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The Division Patch 1.1 causes some characters to vanish

Patch 1.1 is live for Tom Clancys: The Division, the modern day Apocalypse ridden NYC is now full of more things to shoot, more gear to find, and much less crafting materials. I myself rushed home to play it last night (stream VOD here) the Vod actually starts right after the maintenance to fix the issue which was, some players found that their characters no longer existed.  Ubisoft first reported this in a forum post and it officially fixed:

  • Named enemies in Challenge mode will now only guarantee one High-End item like all the other named enemies
  • Incursion: Falcon Lost
    • The APC will no longer take damage from players’ weapons
    • The APC’s Mortar weapon will now fire correctly
  • Several fixes to improve server stability

these fixes are designed to streamline the new incursion which when it went live had some fairly large holes in it. Unfortunately for anyone who who read the patch notes, a fix is not listed there for missing characters. Those who lost their characters will need to sit tight and pray that Ubisoft is kind to them and can find the bits and bytes that make up their characters.

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