New Pokemon Title Announced For Mobile Phones

The Pokemon Company and mobile developer HEROZ Inc (developer of smartphone Chess titles) have joined forces to announce a brand new title for smartphones in Japan. ┬áNo official title, press-release or gameplay synopsis has been released thus far. As far as we can tell the brief teaser video, which is entirely in Japanese, appears to be teasing a new virtual strategy board game for mobile phones. Honestly, the whole thing elicited a reaction of “what the hell did I just watch?” from BrokenJoysticks staff upon stumbling on the below video.

The title of the video roughly translates (according to Microsoft Translate):

“In the spring of 2016 [official] Pokemon Star”

and the description of the video reads:

“Pokemon and HEROZ INC. from the creators of the Pokemon in the latest installment of the Pokemon game for smartphones!”

Do you think Nintendo will bring out a physical line of figures to go along with this game? Is there a chance that this title will come stateside? Perhaps we will find out more in the coming days.

Source: YouTube

[youtube id=”KFNP3uG0_Jc”]

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