Someone has finally gotten outside of a Rocket league map

Posted on February 1, 2016 by Fionna Schweit

Wasteland is one of many Rocket League maps, it happens to be themed after, A wasteland… big surprise right? Well now someone has manged to get in to the world outside of rocket leagues shielded and enclosed arena, and see what the world outside looks like. The person in question is Redditor UncomfortableNPC who posted the video on the quite active Rocket League subreddit.

Usually when you exit a levels geometry, you will find a nice skybox, some unpainted terrain, or a few unused assets. If you are really lucky you might find a testing room where the games physics were tested, or something really special like an easteregg room containing developer names or something. Not so with Rocket League, as UncomfortableNPC’s little car that could goes on for several minutes exploring what appears to be a well textured world. It contains large structures, a rolling expansive desert, and some poorly textured sand and water. In the background massive metal structures dominate the sky. What are these alien structures? Why do they exist all the way outside of the arean? Who built them? We may never know, but its clear the developers of Rocket League put sometime in to the environs outside of their soccer fields.

Take a look at the full video below the jump and judge for yourself, do you think this is the start of some Rocket League lore? I for one would love to know why there are people in this world who are smashing up cars (rc or otherwise) chasing around a giant ball that explodes in a goal.

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