Brokencast: Niamh Schonherr Interview

This week on the Broken Cast we’re joined by Indie game developer Niamh Schonherr whose upcoming game Sofðu litla tófan mín is based around a magical 1900s Icelandic fable. I can’t really do the game justice – here’s the description she wrote on her website about the game:

“It’s a magical realist fable set in rural Iceland circa 1900 about a young girl who suffers from night terrors trying to regain control of her life as it begins to spin rapidly into desolation. I’ve been making it in Twine with music composed by friend Solai. There is also a melody being composed by the Super Marcato Bros for the game’s titular lullaby, so look forward to that! I’ve already heard an early take of the melody and it’s very promising!”

In this podcast we talk about the games Icelandic roots, what it’s like to make independent games among other things. You can find a playable version of her game here or follow her on twitter here.


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