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New Video finally shows Farcrys human aspects

So you thought Far Cry Primal was all about the ancient animals right? No? That was just me? oh ok. Well today we are getting the chance to see that indeed there are other humans in this game in two new trailers from Ubisoft, and oh boy are they intresting. The first shows the player consuming what appears to be blood out of a skull while a shaman looks on. The Player then halucints (in best FarCry Style) and then we get a chance to see that all is not well in this game, and as in any really good game, people are trying to kill you. Look its a Far Cry game, you know exactly what to expect your going to have to find collectibles, liberate settlements, hunt for animals to get pieces of them to make things, and this time your going to do it in a more “Primal” environment.

just watch the trailer.

[youtube id=AQTkQzYFjds]

and if you like me are a huge fan of behind the scenes things (you know a vouyer) then also give this one a look, it shows the team at work on the game.

[youtube id=UTZHKZpYgKA]

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