Awesome Games Done Quick is back for 2016

Posted on January 4, 2016 by Fionna Schweit

The yearly charity live stream Awesome Games Done Quick where speed runners gather and try to break and speed run through games for charity is going on now! The 7 day live stream goes 24 hours a day and raises donations for Prevent Cancer charities. Hundreds of speed runners will come to AGDQ and play dozens of games all in the name of charity. Viewers donate to encourage the live streamers to go faster. Diffrent days feature diffrent games, and the streams finale will be at 5:47 AM Sunday, January 10.

You can check out all the action on twitch  or if you want to see a specific run but cant be bothered to stay up till that run is going AGDQ’s youtube channel  is the place for you

AGDQ Games Live Stream Speed running



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