2015 Game Awards Draw 2.3 Million Viewers

Posted on December 10, 2015 by Fionna Schweit

Last weeks Game Awards were apparently a great sucess. If you by chance missed the show, and want to know what went down and who did what, take a few minutes to give our breakdown a read. But if like me you watched it live you already know that compared to last year at least it was a MASSIVE sucess. Now Polygon has an interview with show creator, financier, and host Geoff Keighley, where in he says that the show pulled over 2 million viewers and did over 20% better than last year. Additionally the social media game was completly crushed with over a billion (yes thats with a B) Twitter impressions the night of the game awards. That combination of factors esentailly guarantees us another iteration of the game award next year.

Keighley said in an interview with Polygon yesterday “That success, , means that a Game Awards 2016 show is very likely, though it’s too early to say when or where it will be held. With the growth this year and all the sponsor support, I feel pretty confident we will be back next December for The Game Awards 2016,” he said. He went on to say  he was very happy with the format of this year’s show and that he feels it addressed the three big concerns he had coming out of the inaugural show. Personally I agree, and if the production values were just a tiny bit better the show would have been perfect. It seems Geoff is on the same page as me as he went on to say “A tighter production technically, a shorter run time, and more on-stage awards,” Keighley said. “The format feels good, and it’s been nice to see the audience response — two solid years means we’re on the right path.”

The founder and chief presenter did mention at least one this he wanted his show to do better “Next year will be about adding other elements around the show,” Keighley said. “One thing I wanted to do this year was a big eSports tournament the day of the show, but we just didn’t have enough bandwidth to get it done.”

Honestly this really shouldn’t be a suprise, E-sports is a huge draw, and again unsurprising to most people will be the reaffirmation that an awards show about games doesnt need to be on TV, but rather should stream live on the consoles, Twitch, and YouTube. Hopefully next year we get a similar format, as I personally really enjoyed the musical talents of Chvrches and Deadmau5, as well as the moving tribute to Satoru Iwata, and Geoffs call out of Konami for their shit treatment of their golden goose.

overall I loved the show, and really hope that it comes back stronger, better, and faster next year, and it seems like Geoff shares my opinion.

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