Japan To Get A Real Life Pokemon Gym Next Month

The Pokemon Company will be bringing the series’ popular gyms into the real world with the establishment of a real life Pokémon Gym in Osaka, Japan starting on November 19th. This education experience aimed at children will allow them to learn Pokémon training tips, collect in-game rewards for participating. Visitors to the Gym can even have a conversation with a Pokémon, although I am not quite sure how that would work!

There are some really cool images of the exhibit over at Inside Games, who first reported on the new exhibit. These images include a very large life-like Charizard. All of the text in the source article is in Japanese, so be prepared for that!

This Pokemon Gym is quite different from the ones in any of the main series titles, such as 2013’s Pokemon X & Y. There are no trainers to battle and as far as I can tell no badges to collect. Trainers looking for an experience closer to the journeys featured in the games might want to consider either Nintendo’s Pokemon Leagues or Official Tournaments.  Leagues allow trainers to complete Gym Challenges by meeting up weekly with other trainers in their area. Official Tournaments are of course reserved for larger events like New York Comic Con.


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