Heroes of the Storm Free Hero Rotation For 10.12.15

A Blizzard Russian community manager has revealed on their official forums which heroes which will be free this week. Long-time mainstays like Raynor and Muradin are free alongside Rexxar who makes his first appearance on the free line-up after being released last month.

Rexxar is a unique Hero due to the fact that players control two characters at one time, adding a bit more micromanagement to the game. He is also the first ranged warrior to make an appearance in Heroes of the Storm.

Here’s the full line-up for this week:

  • Raynor
  • Muradin
  • Tassadar
  • Jaina
  • Zagara
  • Nazebo (12)
  • Rexxar (15)

If you need the lowdown on how Rexxar works check out Blizzards official trailer for him and his companion Misha:

[youtube id=”7SDdVEFgczM”]

The next major hero is expected to be Artanis from the StarCraft series who can be had for free if you pre-order Star Craft II: Legacy of the Void.

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