Web and Mobile Miiverse Updated Today

Posted on October 7, 2015 by Jason Nason

If you’ve been on Miiverse on your desktop or mobile device today you’ll notice a layout change. The change also brings advertising to the website, though these aren’t very intrusive.

The change also allows users to browse the Nintendo social network without being logged in, which wasn’t possible before the update. Of course you’ll have to log in to “yeah” any posts.

The response seems to be mostly negative from users on the site so far. How much of this is merely grumbling at any scent of change remains to be seen. So far my personal experience with the site has been overwhelmingly positive. Besides, adverting and banners have become so commonplace online that they aren’t really that noticeable anyway.

The best part is you can now see in real time what’s trending on Miiverse.

Players from around the world are sharing their Course IDs in the Super Mario Maker community, waiting for you right on the front page of the new Miiverse.nintendo.net. The Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer community is there too, so you can check out strange and stylish homes being designed by folks across the globe.

What else is trending hot on Miiverse? The most popular Play Journal entries, which give you a glimpse (and a screen shot!) into how other players are experiencing their favorite games, are now being showcased on the site. Plus, the best drawings and discussions will be on auto-feed display for your non-stop viewing pleasure.




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