New Call of Duty Black Ops Three Trailer Shows Cybercore abilities.

Black Ops III

No Cybercore is not yet another genre of electronic music its actually the latest game mechanic to be shown off by the Treyarc for their new Call Of Duty game. The trailer is a bit short at just 1:45 but it demonstrates much. The Cybercore abilities appear to be geared towards the campaign and or a horde or zombie type mode. ┬áThe ones revealed in today’s trailer are an enhanced melee (cause CODs already one hit kill melee needs more power) an ability that detonates enemies grenades, and a swarm of “fireflys” which autonomously damage and kill enemies. The trailer suggests that this is just one of several suites of different abilities that players will have access to in the complete game. Check out the trailer below.

[youtube id=”Ivx1V7kkdVs”]

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