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Xenoblade Chronicles X Gets North American Release Date

We’ve seen a lot of footage from Monolith Soft’s upcoming futuristic RPG Xenoblade Chronicles X through various Nintendo Direct events and footage from Japan. Now we finally know when this fantastic looking Wii U game will be available in North America – December 4th 2015. It will also be getting a PAL region release sometime this December as well.

Originally announced in January 2013, Xenoblade Chronicles X transports players to the year 2054 humanity is forced to evacuate earth after a war between alien faction breaks out.  After one of the ships carrying survivors from earth crashes on the planet Mira it is up to the player character and their party to help the residents of New Los Angeles and save humanity from the warring alien factions.

During Nintendo’s E3 2015 “Treehouse” live-streams we got a 40 minute look at the English localization for the game.  All other previous live-streams and Nintendo Direct events used footage from the Japanese version of the game.

Check out footage from E3 in the embedded player below.

[youtube id=”kKlBUFVfHM0″]

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