Star Fox Zero Coming To Wii U This Holiday

Posted on June 17, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

Nintendo opened their E3 Digital Event this morning with the unveiling of a brand new Star Fox game titled “Star Fox Zero”. Taking inspiration from previous titles in the Star Fox series Zero looks to combine the aesthetic of Star Fox 64 with unique gameplay mechanics only possible with the Wii U gamepad.

Players once again take to the skies as Ace Pilot Fox McCloud as he tried to rid the galaxy of the evil Andross. By controlling the Arwing using the WiiU gamepad players are able to see the world through Fox’s eyes on the gamepad screen while viewing a cinematic third person experience on their television screen. It is quite a unique control scheme and from the footage we’ve seen it looks like an absolute delight. 

Battling foes in the air isn’t team Star Fox’s only combat strategy. By tapping the A button on the gamepad the Arwing can also transform into a “walker mode” very similar to the walker featured in the cancelled SNES game Star Fox 2. While on the ground the Arwing can also transform into the Landmaster tank as well during certain sections.

The gyro sensors aren’t just for looking around the Arwing’s cockpit either. Weapons such as bombs and dual lasers are no longer fired in a straight line in front of the Arwing but can also be dropped directly below the craft, in a similar fashion to how modern warplanes can conduct bomb runs.

It’s great to see the Star Fox team reassembled for their latest adventure. During the Nintendo Treehouse live-stream that took place after the Digital Event members of Nintendo’s staff also showcased the opening Cornaria City Mission.

Star Fox Zero will be available this holiday for the Nintendo Wii U.

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