Bravely Second, New Chibi Robo Headline Surprise Nintendo Direct

Posted on June 1, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

Nintendo surprised everyone with a surprise 3DS focused Nintendo Direct that was released earlier today. Alongside new titles in the Chibi Robo & Dr.Mario franchises we also got brand new footage and details for big upcoming titles like Bravely Second. We’ve got the full rundown and trailers ready for you’re to enjoy.

Chibi Robo

Chibi Robo: Zip Lash marks the return of the 2004 franchise with a brand new side-scroller for the Nintendo 3DS. In addition to platoforming the little chore robot must defeat enemies using a whip attack and collect upgrades to complete his adventure.  Chibi Robo: Zip Lash is due out this fall!

[youtube id=”zMKV9cX-ayg”]

Dr.Mario: Miracle Cure

Get ready to schedule a visit with your favorite mustached doctor with the surprise announcement of Dr.Mario: Miracle Cure.  Three different game-types will be available: Dr.Mario, Dr.Luigi and a brand new “Germ Buster” mode. Local and online multiplayer will be supported and Miracle Cure will also support download play so that you can play with another friend who doesn’t own the game.

[youtube id=”gGYxDAUriGo”]

Bravely Second

We previously covered Bravely Second in the last few months and now Nintendo has announced that Square Enix will bring the game to the west sometime in 2016. Bravely Second launched this past April and takes places place several years after the original RPG.


Nintendo’s online focused hyper stylized third person shooter has been really well received and now it looks like the inklings are about to get some brand new weapons to play around with. At 7pm today Nintendo will unlock a brand new weapon fashioned after the original 1985 Zapper light gun. That’s not all – Ranked play and a brand new map will be available after 7PM PST tonight.


Other Titles covered: LBX, Mario & Sonic at the Rio Olympic Games, Puzzle & Dragons Z

Watch the entire Nintendo Direct below:

[youtube id=”-5kXsTAUEHw”]

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