Nintendo Unveils Pokémon Arcade Fighting Game

Nintendo and the Pokémon company released a teaser video today of a new collaboration between the companies and Bandai Namco Games. In the unlikliest of games, Pokémon will be made into an arcade fighting game to be called Pokkén Tournament.

Not a lot of information has been released about the game aside from the title and tentative release date. The game will be released in arcades in Japan in 2015, but I haven’t seen any information about if the game will be released in North American arcades OR on the Nintendo Wii U.

The game is the second recent collaboration between Nintendo and outside developers, with the most recent being Hyrule Warriors with Koei Tecmo Games. Personally it’s nice to see Nintendo branching out a little bit with different genre twists to their existing catalog of properties. Perhaps next we’ll see an MMORPG with the Pokémon license to be produced alongside Square Enix?



Take a look at the video below:

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