Scourge: Outbreak Unleashes On Steam

Posted on April 4, 2014 by Les Major

Some of you may recall I’m quite fond of Scourge: Outbreak for the Xbox 360. You can check out my full review for all of the details. Well that Gears of War like action is now available on Valve’s digital download service Steam! The game truly is worth your while to check out, with well designed areas to have cover to cover firefights in. Read on for the new Steam version announcement trailer!

For those unaware, this is an improved version of The Scourge Project: Ep. 1 & 2 which has been released on Steam before. Even better, if you’ve already purchased the original game, you’ll be getting Scourge: Outbreak for FREE on Steam! I unfortunately never got to play the original, but Outbreak was a lot of fun. The folks at Tragnarion Studios really created a great game here and I bet playing through it in 4 player co-op is even better!

Scourge: Outbreak Steam Tragnarion Studios



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