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Posted on August 5, 2013 by Les Major

Welcome to my first video review! Bear with me here as I delve into the depths of Rogue Legacy. Please note, this video does contain spoilers for classes unlocked later in the game. Read on for the video review and a mix of details about what I thought of the game.

This is almost more of a Let’s Play sort of video in that I dive in and just ramble about my experience with the game. So, should you play Rogue Legacy? If you’re a fan of Castlevania RPG style titles, there is a lot of fun to be had here! Things do slow down later on at the point I’m at in the video. Aside from playing through the game over and over to collect more gold to level up, Rogue Legacy will keep you busy for hours!

To be fair, I was grinding gold for quite awhile before I really got bored of it. For me, I’d prefer if the leveling system was maybe double the speed it currently is. You can do things like get skills or runes that increase the gold you collect, but otherwise you’re left to just keep running through the castle to get enough gold to level up the stats or skills you want.

My only nitpick of the game that really irked me, was it seemed that even if you’re in mid-swing, getting hit by an enemy stops your attack. This is annoying in the sense that leaping at foes becomes an issue, at least for me. Usually I’m too late with my swing, and while I’m pretty sure other games let your attack follow through to connect, Rogue Legacy seems to stop your attack cold. I consider this just me not being very good at the game, since it is how the title is designed after all.

Unlike our regular reviews, I don’t rate the games on a number system in these video reviews. In general, I believe all games have worth to them and don’t really prefer number systems. After all, on average, someone put a lot of money into developing the video games we play. So instead, see what you think for yourself as I talk about my experience with the game.

Cellar Door Games PC Rogue Legacy Video Review



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