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Nintendo Wii U Basic Sale This Weekend

Wal-Mart in Canada is putting the Nintendo Wii U Basic Bundle on sale this weekend. From August 2nd – August 9th (while quantities last) the console will be on sale for $100 off!

The system regularly retails for $299.00 in Canada at Wal-Mart but beginning tomorrow you can score the Wii U for $199.

I checked into my local Wal-Mart and the store had about a half dozen in stock, though they were all sold out of the deluxe bundle. The black bundle isn’t a part of this sale.

wiiu_walmart_adWith the recent sales woes for the Nintendo Wii U I wonder if this is perhaps a test from Nintendo to see if the market is ready for a price drop on the console to spur sales. The price drop is certainly steep enough to peek the interest of someone who hasn’t picked up the system yet.

But if you are planning on adding the Wii U to your console collection you’d better act quickly. At the lowered price it’s sure to sell out quickly and unless Nintendo makes the price reduction permanent you may not see this price again any time soon.

Also note that the sale isn’t likely to include the online website. As of Thursday the system is showing as ‘sold out’ online.


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