Meet the Classes in Fire Emblem Awakening

Nintendo released a new video yesterday which may have been overlooked and overshadowed by the excitement surrounding their Wii U Games edition of Nintendo Direct.

The video in question sheds more light on to the more than forty classes of characters in upcoming title Fire Emblem Awakening.

Notable classes include the Villager, who fights with a log and is ‘weak, but capable of great things’ as well as the Cleric who is ‘a female healer who uses staves and cannot attack.’

Other staple classes are included such as the Sage, Dancer, Paladin and of course the Thief . There are also a few mounted classes including the Wyvern Rider, the Pegasus Knight and the Griffon Rider.

As well as a few transforming classes such as the Manakete, a legendary race with awesome power while in dragon form, and the Taguel, a dying race with great power while in beast form.

I must say that I’m getting more and more excited for the release of this game which is getting closer and closer with each passing day.

Take a look at the video below. Fire Emblem will be released for the Nintendo 3DS on February 4th.

* Originally Published on Darkain Arts Gamers

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