Wii U U.S Sells 475 000 Units In First Week

Nintendo’s Wii U has dominated our frontpage over the last few weeks, especially after the system’s launch on the 18th. We finally have our first look at sales figures according to the NPD group and things are looking up for Nintendo’s next big thing.

The install base for the Wii U currently sits at 475,000 as of the 25th according to the Big N, not too shabby. Considering GameStop claimed to have 500,000 units already paid for by consumers, are there 100,000 Wii Us still unclaimed? That’s doubtful! With systems already fetching $500 or more on ebay demand is surely only going to increase as Christmas Day¬†approaches.

Do you own a WiiU? If not are you going to pick up one once production picks up or the initial rush wears off? Let us know in the comments section!

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