Left 4 Dead 2 Patched and Cold Stream Release Date Set

Posted on July 24, 2012 by Daniel Shannon

While PC gamers have been able to play Left 4 Dead 2’s Cold Stream DLC content for a year now, a release date has finally been set for the Xbox 360. Cold Stream, which includes the new Cold Stream campaign as well as the entire original Left 4 Dead campaigns that haven’t already been released as DLC, will be available for the 360 on July 24th.

Meanwhile, the PC version of the DLC has just received a substantial patch that makes all of the games mutations (like my beloved Taaannnk!! mutation) accessible from the main menu. Additionally, there are a number of fixes to the Cold Stream and original Left 4 Dead campaigns. Furthermore, the PC version is 75% off ($4.99) through Thursday at 4 P.M. Pacific Standard time. You can read the full list of changes below.Updates to Left 4 Dead 2 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

– Made all mutations accessible from the main menu


Crash Course 1:
– Fixed survivors being able to climb into infected-only territory from the top of the white truck in the early alley.
– Survivors can no longer leave the map bounds near the riverfront.
– Closed off a shortcut method to bypass the howitzer event.

Crash Course 2:
– Survivors can no longer jump on the generators in the finale area.


Death Toll 1:
– Moved car near the tunnel entrance away from the drooping traffic light, as standing on parts of the car near the traffic signal could put you into a permanently stuck position.
– Moved a traffic sign that allowed survivors to climb the drooping traffic light prop up to the top of the tunnel entrance.

Death Toll 2:
– Added an infected ladder leading in to the upper pipe in the large drain room.
– Survivors should no longer be able to cross the bridge-lowering event before the bridge has fully lowered.
– Survivors should no longer be able to access the infected-only areas toward the end of the level.
– Survivors should no longer be able to leave the playable areas of the map from the areas beyond the saferoom.

Death Toll 3:
– Added “Checkpoint” flag to the nav square at the end of the intro saferoom to prevent versus rounds from starting when survivors stand next to the door.
– Removed a nav square by the next-level saferoom door to prevent infected players from standing there to prevent the round ending.
– Tweaked saferoom level transition trigger brushes to prevent infected players outside of the saferoom preventing the transition.

Death Toll 4:
– Players can no longer access the right-hand corner just outside the starting saferoom. This is to address a permanent-stuck spot when the saferoom door is opened.
– Survivors can no longer climb over the van in the ally leading to the onslaught area, which allowed them to skip most of the level.
– Survivors should no longer be able to leave the map/enter infected-only areas outside of the onslaught even street.

Death Toll 5:
– Made the roof of the picnic area inaccessible to survivors. This resolves an invincible spot.
– Players can no longer jump on the electric box prop facing the water on the side of the lakehouse.


Dead Air 1:
– Moved a bookshelf in front of the window in the second interior area (before the ladder climb) to prevent players from skipping parts of the level.

Dead Air 2:
– Move the trailer below the office building out of jumping range to prevent players skipping the offices.

Dead Air 3:
– Moved the fence and fence-climbing props at the entrance to the construction yard further back into the alleyway.
– Several tweaks to the area near the construction yard to prevent survivors from setting off the barricade fire event before they enter the event arena.
– Boarded up a window in the construction yard to address survivors accessing an invincible area.
– Survivors should no longer be able to jump over the barricade.

Dead Air 4:
– Infected players should no longer get stuck climbing over the rubble that divides the start of the map from the balcony leading to the escalator side .
Dead Air 5:
– Fixed a visual bug caused by a cube map being hidden inside of a prop.


Blood Harvest 1:
– Survivors should no longer be able to leave the map by jumping to the left toward the end of the rope bridge..

Blood Harvest 2:
– It is no longer possible for survivors to climb in the vent above the alarm room.
– Survivors can no longer stand on the horizontal pipes under the catwalk in the area following the alarm door event.
– The high pipes along the sides of the train tunnel are no longer accessible to survivors.

Blood Harvest 4:
– The roof of the starting safe room is no longer accessible to survivors..
– Survivors can no longer jump on top of the “Richardson Atlantic” building.

Blood Harvest 5:
-Removed some of the crossbeams in the hay storage building.


Cold Stream 1:
– AI infected can now access the roof of the watchtower.
– Survivors can no longer jump on top of the roof of the single-storey cabin at the far end of the area after the rope bridge.

Cold Stream 2:
– It should no longer be possible for survivors to jump up to the top of the tunnel entrance pipe near the start of the map.
– Survivors should no longer be able to jump over the fence on the bridge toward the end, skipping the barrel explosion event.
– Changed the M60 spawns into weapon_item_spawn to be more mutation friendly.

Cold Stream 3:
– The walls toward the back of the bridge (opposite of the direction players go to progress the level) are no longer accessible to survivors. This is to prevent survivors from getting into infected-only areas below the bridge, which they may not be able to escape from.
– Changed the M60 spawns into weapon_item_spawn to be more mutation friendly.

Cold Stream 4:
– Hooked up a quick conversation between the chopper pilot and the triggering survivor.

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