Indie Royale Returns For Charity

Indie Royale returns with another low-priced bundle of indie games for your indie pleasure, this time benefiting charities chosen by the developers. The Indie Royale Lightning Round All-Charity Pack comes with an incredibly long name, and the following assortment of video games: physics bubbler Osmos, real-life cheatfest B.U.T.T.O.N., rabbinical RPG The Shivah, and Blueberry Garden, which they describe as a “short experimental game about curiosity and exploration.”

Currently, the base price for the bundle is in the low $4 range, and as usual the price will fluctuate based on whether or not customers pay more than the minimum amount or not. If you pay more than $7 (or the equivalent of such in your local currency), you will also receive three bonus music albums: Jake Kaufman’s FX4, Disasterpeace’s Level, and 6955’s IN1ep.

All of the proceeds from this sale will go to benefit Amnesty International, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, ActionAid, and UNICEF.

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