Diablo III Downtime Trends on Twitter, Enrages Gamers

Posted on May 15, 2012 by Rae Michelle Richards

Diablo III is surely one of the largest game launches we’ve seen in 2012. This could explain not only why the game seems to be everywhere online but why the complaints of players have been heard all around the internet.

The game has not even been available for 24 hours (in North America) and already users have reported slow download speeds on the pre-game launcher, errors logging in and servers shutting down unexpectedly. Blizzard was forced to perform maintenance on Diablo III’s servers at 5:00 Eastern Time this evening and as of the time of writing the game is still down, the game is expected to come back online sometime after 6:30 eastern.

Error 47 trended on twitter earlier in the day but this error has since been replaced with “Battle.Net is currently undergoing maintenance”. Did you experience any problems with DIablo III during launch?

I let the game pre-load over night, at one point the pre-loader was downloading at a blistering 35 Kbs. My old dial up modem would have been proud! After successfully signing into the game I was able to play the game for about 30 minutes before receiving a message informing me that the servers would be down for maintenance.hey have been down ever since :(.

We’ll have more Diablo III coverage in the near future.

Diablo III Down Time



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