Reminder: Xbox Live Entertainment Apps Free This Weekend

A reminder to all of you Xbox Live Silver members out there that several of the “entertainment apps” on the Xbox 360 are free until Monday April 23. Now you too can watch Netflix, YouTube or Dailymotion without working over at least $4 a month to Microsoft.

Or you know, you could always use the flash enabled browser on a PlayStation 3 and visit most of these sites free of charge. I hear they also have the internet on computers now! Check out a full list of the free apps after the jump.

•    CinemaNow
•    Crackle
•    Dailymotion
•    EPIX4
•    ESPN
•    HBO GO
•    Hulu Plus2
•    iHeartRadio
•    MSN
•    Netflix
•    Syfy
•    TMZ
•    TODAY
•    UFC
•    Verizon
•    VEVO
•    Vudu
•    Xfinity TV on Demand
•    YouTube

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