Horde Vs. Alliance To Continue War In China For 3 More Years

Posted on March 21, 2012 by Rae Michelle Richards

Blizzard and NetEase.com, the company that manages several aspects of the world’s popular MMORPG in mainland china, have reached an agreement that will see the game operate in China for the next three years. The two companies formed an alliance (insert faction joke here) that has kept the game running since 2009.

Mike Morhaime the CEO of Blizzard Entertainment had some great things to say about their Chinese fanbase.

“We’re grateful for the tremendous enthusiasm Chinese gamers have shown for  World of Warcraft over the years, and we’re pleased to be renewing our agreement for the game in China,”

Despite the fact that the majority of Gold farmers are based in China, where the market valued at over 200 million USD employees over 150,000 people, subscription MMOS like World of Warcraft and free to play games like League of Legend continue to thrive.

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