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Overwatch World Cup Finals To Take Place At BlizzCon 2016

Overwatch’s first competitive season is set to wrap up in a couple of weeks but with the announcement of the Overwatch World Cup, the first sanctioned world-wide competitive scene for the shooter, interest in competitive Overwatch is only likely to […]


Here Are The Summer Games Loot Box Exclusive Overwatch Skins

With the Rio Olympic Games beginning this Friday Blizzard is getting into the competitive spirit with their newest Overwatch update. An entire limited edition collection of Olympic-themed skins, sprays, voice lines and other goodies have been added to Overwatch’s loot […]


New Overwatch Hero Revealed: ‘Ana Gameplay Trailer’

Has all this excitement about a new Overwatch hero kept you in suspense?  If you were expecting ‘Sombra’, well you have a few seconds to be sad before it is revealed that Ana, Overwatch’s new medical sniper may in fact […]


Blizzard Teases new Healer Character

If you like me find yourself spending most nights playing Overwatch, you probably already know about Sombra. Sombra is featured in a ton of the media for Overwatch. Shes in many of the levels. And there have been several hints […]


Blizzard Teases New ‘Heroes of the Storm’ Content’ With New ‘In Development’ Trailer

Developers at Blizzard Entertainment aren’t wasting any time creating new content that will surely fill the nexus for the coming weeks or months. In the latest ‘in-development’ trailer we get a brand new look at two new heroes currently being finalized […]


Purfect Team: Overwatch Kitties

A friend recently shared with me some Overwatch art from the talented artist 솔져앓이 릴루. As the internet absolutely loves Overwatch right now, and has always loved cats, I thought that I just had to share these cute kitty heroes! Below is […]


Overwatch – A Refreshingly Stylish Shooter | Review

In-universe, when the world needed the heroes of Overwatch they were nowhere to be found but thankfully they’ve come to our consoles & PCs at just the right time to save us from the onslaught of generic grey/brown FPS games. […]


These Awesome Overwatch Moments Will Leave You In Awe

Overwatch has only been out three days but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a shortage of awesome moments, partially thanks to the closed beta that was everywhere for several months, and partially thanks to the fact that Overwatch is the only […]


Overwatch Loot Box Prices Revealed

In case you have been busy, or just forgot, last night was the global launch of Blizzards first FPS Overwatch. With the launch came the answer to the long left in the air question of “but how will Blizzard make […]


Prepare for Overwatch

4pm PST. That’s the time that the servers go live and Overwatch officially changes the landscape of team based first person shooters. If the ticking of the clock is driving you insane, I recommend burning time reading the official Overwatch […]


Blizzard releases another animated short “dragons”

Blizzard is back with another animated short to flesh out their world of Overwatch. This one features Genji and Hanzo with a bit of their backstory and just enough combat to keep it interesting. Take a look also at the […]


All Loot, No Group – Group Finding Tools Hurt World of Warcraft

I still actively play World of Warcraft. No, I don’t mean that I just log into my garrison a few times a week to collect gold and send out followers. I love pets, but that’s not why I log on. […]


Overwatch Abominations – A New Glitch has Disturbing Results

One of the joys of playing games still in development is the discovery of bugs and other glitches that have amusing results. Sometimes these even make it out of the betas and into the released games themselves, like the flying […]


Brand New Overwatch Short ‘Alive’ Debuts

Blizzard’s marketing blitz for their upcoming team shooter Overwatch with the release of a brand new 6 minute self contained animated short. This time things focus on the French assassin Widowmaker, as she moves in for the kill on a […]


Tracer’s Butt and Why I’m Okay with the “Over the Shoulder” Pose

A recent post on the Overwatch forums has sparked a controversy over how one of Overwatch‘s star characters, Tracer, is represented in the game. The thread started as a complain from a player who claimed that Tracer’s “Over the Shoulder” […]