Leak: Metal Gear Solid V Releases Worldwide Sept 1st

It looks like Konami & IGN’s planned reveal of a “big announcement” scheduled for tomorrow morning has been leaked a whole day early. Hideo Kojima’s next entry in the Metal Gear Solid franchise, MGS V: The Phantom Pain will be released worldwide on September 1st 2015.

Series director Hideo Kojima provides eager gamers with seven minutes of new details in this brief video.  IGN has pulled the original video but you can watch a subtitled version in the embedded YouTube player below. Read more »


Mortal Kombat X Perfoms a Fatality On Mobile Devices

Warner Bros Interactive announced a mobile version of the upcoming Mortal Kombat X for iOS and Android. Unlike its console big brother the mobile MK will be a hybrid card/fighting game allowing players to pit their favourite fighters against each other while on the go. Read more »


Resident Evil Revelations 2 Campaign Clocks In At 7 Hours

The first episode of Capcom’s foray into episodic gaming, Resident Evil Revelations 2 just launched this past week but the game’s leaderboards may have given away one important detail – the length of the entire single player campaign Read more »


COD: Advanced Warfare Havoc DLC Slams Down on PS3 / PS4

Gamers on either of Sony’s home consoles can now enjoy the Havoc DLC for Activision’s Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare the publisher announced today. This first DLC expansion adds four new multiplayer maps, a brand new energy weapon called the “AE4 direct energy assault rifle” and the return of the popular zombie’s mini-game with the addition of the “EXO Zombies” mode.

EXO Zombies mode has its own story separate from the main campaign. It featured a celebrity voice cast including Bill Paxton, John Malkovich, Rose McGowan and Jon Bernthall.  So grab three of your friends and prepare to experience this awesome sounding multiplayer mode. The Call of Duty games always seem to have some interesting cameos with their DLC – Black Ops original Zombies mode featuring J.F.K is probably the most memorable for me. Read more »


Sony Announces Spring Fever Sale

Sony has announced an 8 week sale over on the PlayStation Blog, you read that right a series of discounts that last two months. The Spring Fever sale includes 10% discounts for on yet to be released digital titles like Shovel Knight and the upcoming Helldivers. These special discounts will only be available for the launch of each respective game. Things kick into gear on March and last until April 27th. Read more »


February 26th Nintendo Download

Nintendo 3DS eShop

IRONFALL InvasionIRONFALL Invasion is a thrilling third-person shooter with single-player campaign and multiplayer modes. Equipped with an arsenal of destructive weapons, take cover and repel an invasion of alien robots. Play for free or purchase DLC starting today in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS. Click here to view a trailer for the game.

Titan Attacks! – The Titans are invading! Single-handedly turn back the invading Titan army, drive back the aliens across the Solar System and finally defeat them on their home world. Click here to view a trailer for this modern remix of classic arcade shoot-’em-ups.


Also New this Week


Read more »


Zombie Incident Coming to 3DS in February

Coder Child has a new game headed to the Nintendo 3DS eShop called Zombie Incident. The game was originally developed by NeneFranz, which won top spot at MSXdev’11. The game has since been updated and brought to life (so to speak) on the 3DS.

Here’s a brief synopsis of the game. Hamartia, the great citadel, became the symbol of human sin. After centuries of excesses its penance was going to come. In the darkness of the night, chaos invaded everything. Beasts started to scream. Nothing was like before! No one sane would go to that place.

You’ll join the heroine of the game to explore the citadel, find the eight golden stars, and then run away from there.

The game features visually appealing pixel-art graphics and an amazing chiptune soundtrack. The game will also come with online leaderbords where you can register your high score and challenge your friends.

Read more »


The IronFall Invasion Begins Thursday on the 3DS

On Thursday, a three-year project by three talented indie developers is set to be unveiled exclusively on Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS. IronFall: Invasion brings an energy-fuelled, 60 frames per second, third-person action experience to 3DS owners. And to top it off, some free content will be available from launch for players to try out the game.

The title, which will be a downloadable eShop exclusive, will be available in two packages, IronFall Invasion: Campaign and IronFall Invasion: Multiplayer.

the first option is campaign, which features 11 single-player levels, as well as 78 additional challenges that are unlocked as you progress through your overall mission to liberate Earth.

Read more »


Welcome To BrokenJoysticks 2.0!

A small team of six of us began developing Broken Joysticks three years ago after the closure of and when we began working on this project I don’t think any of us could have imagined that the site would still be live 36 months later but here we are. Some of our comrades have come and gone but we’ve managed to provide some excellent coverage whether it’s our timely review of Majora’s Mask or our former Second Dimension interview series there’s been steady stream of content. As we enter our third year it’s time for some things to change…. Read more »


NIS America Bringing Rodea the Sky Solder to the West

NIS America announced yesterday that they are bringing Rodea The Sky Soldier to North America and Europe this fall. The game is being released for both the Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. The game will also be available as a digital download on the Nintendo eShop.

The brainchild of Yuji Naka and Zin Hasegawa, Rodea: The Sky Soldier brings speed and adventure together in this new journey through the sky.

Here are a bit of details about the upcoming game.

Read more »

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