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Titanfall 2 Retail Displays Deploy Without Notice – Reveal Soon?

Take this with a grain of salt but fans of Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall have begun to hype themselves up for the supposed incoming reveal of the game. All of this kicked off this morning when NeoGaf noticed that a twitter user by the name of Niall Maher noticed a “Titanfall 2” display box in the PlayStation […]

PSYCHO-PASS: Mandatory Happiness

NIS America Scans PSYCHO-PASS: Mandatory Happiness For 2016 North American Release

Prepare to have your mind scanned and your every move recorded in the recently announced visual novel PSYCHO-PASS: Mandatory Happiness published by NIS America.  Based upon the popular anime series, PSYCHO-PASS: Mandatory Happiness will be released in Europe and North America later this year on several platforms – PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Windows PC. […]


Mega Man Legacy Collection Hits Stores Today

The Mega Man Legacy Collection for the Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One hits stores today! The collection is a celebration of the 8-bit history of Capcom’s iconic Blue Bomber. The game features faithful reproductions of the series’ origins with the original six Mega Man games, The Legacy Collection will remind long-time fans and […]

Smite Logo

Hi-Rez Studio’s Smite Coming To PlayStation 4

Smite: Battlegrounds of the Gods, Hi-rez Studios’ free to play MOBA title has now entered closed alpha testing on the PlayStation 4. The game has been around since 2013 and features 70 different gods inspired by many different real world pantheons.  There are 5 free gods that players will be able to choice from the […]


Dark Souls III Gets A Season Pass

Bandai Namco will be adding an optional season pass to Dark Souls III upon release the publisher announced. Details on exactly what this pass will entitle players to is currently unknown as Bandai Namco’s press release did not contain any details other than the pass will continue in the tradition of Dark Souls’ Artorias of […]

Minecraft Wii U

Minecraft Creator Notch To Receive Pioneer Award At GDC 2016

This year at the Game Developers Choice Awards Marcus “Notch” Persson will be receiving the Pioneer Award for 2016. The Pioneer Award is given tho individuals who help develop breakthrough technologies and game design that set a new standard for the industry. If you’re not aware of Notch’s multi billion dollar success story Minecraft then […]


Did An Accidental Slip up Out Skate 4 For PS4 & Xbox One?

According to a now delisted item on Australian retailer JB Hi-Fi Electronic Arts could be poised to release the first current generation entry in their long-running Skate franchise – Skate 4- as soon as this August. Alongside the supposed release date of August 23rd 2016 the website entry also featured cover-art for the game that […]


Beta Report: Hitman on PlayStation 4

Square Enix’s closed beta for their upcoming next generation Hitman title went live over the weekend and I got the chance to play around with the game on PlayStation 4 over the last couple of nights. Fans are calling 2016’s version of Agent 47 a return to form combined with some worries that IO Interactive’s […]


Doom’s Single-Player Campaign Is 13 Hours Long

The developers of the Doom reboot have confirmed on twitter the campaign will be a hefty thirteen hours long. If you were worried about the game being a five hour romp largely focused on the multiplayer, as many shooters are these days, you can rest easy. Personally, I much prefer quality to quantity. I don’t […]


Square Enix Celebrates One Year of their Online Store with a Huge Sale!

SALE! That’s the buzz word that everyone likes to hear. And for those of us who miss the launch of a game for one reason or another, that magic word can be the difference between missing out on a game or taking the plunge late. Better late than never! Square Enix is celebrating one year […]

Crash Bandicoot Reboot

Crash Bandicoot Reboot Possibly Leaked by NECA Toys Director

Randy Falk, director of NECA Toys,  may have inadvertently let slip details about a revival of the Crash Bandicoot franchise. This is not too long after Sony teased a return of the old franchise on their Middle Eastern account.  Speaking to youtuber PixelDan, Falk said: “We’ve got back in with Sony. And looking at some […]


Capcom Releases Street Fighter V DLC Roadmap To Fans

Capcom Releases Street Fighter V DLC Roadmap To Fans The long running Street Fighter franchise gets turned on its head with the release of Street Fighter V next week.  Sure gameplay additions like V-Triggers and V-Skills are going to force long time fighters to adapt to a new flow in combat but there’s something even […]

Fallout 4 DLC

Fallout 4 DLC Confirmed For Near Future

Today Bethesda took to twitter to let us know Fallout 4 DLC is in the pipelines. While this is not a major surprise to anyone, it is still interesting to hear about it now after a relatively long period of time since release. Fallout 4 has been out for three months now and is still […]

Gravity Rush Remastered

Dropping in for a review: Gravity Rush Remastered

Flying onto the Playstation 4, Gravity Rush Remastered brings a fresh look to the gravity defying 2012 PS Vita game. The game starts off with an opening cinematic of a tree of which after the player taps the apple a number of times, it falls down into an open space eventually falling and rolling down, […]

Megadimension Neptunia VII | Review

The Hyperdimension Neptunia franchise has kept my interest for the past seven years thanks to creative writing, absolutely adorable characters, clever tongue-in-cheek lines and an intriguing battle system. With the latest adventure, Megadimension Neptunia V.II (that’s Vee two not “version 2”) the folks at Compile Heart have done an excellent job retaining what has made the series […]

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