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Kenny’s Fallout 4 Log – Almost Two Months

It’s about five or six days short of two months owning the game and I’ve still been playing it, off and on, to pass the time when I’m bored with other games. There’s always downtime with Final Fantasy XIV, too, as my server has some pretty well defined times when it’s better off you just log […]

Black Ops III

UK Sales Charts For The Week of Jan 2nd Dominated By Black Ops III

Our first games sales numbers to include the post holiday discount period have arrived thanks to the weekly UK software charts. Not surprising several AAA franchise compose the top ten including EA’s Star Wars Battlefront, Activision’s Call of Duty and Bethesda softwork’s Fallout 4. What is a little surprising is to see Just Cause 3 […]


Major League Gaming Purchased By Activision Blizzard

It looks like Major League Gaming, commonly known as MLG, the e-sports pioneer and tournament organizer has been sold to publisher Activision Blizzard according to esports observer. In a December 21st  meeting MLG’s  Board of Directors approved an asset sale worth $46 million USD essentially gutting the one time e-sports king. Individual stock holders were […]

How many PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold games are sitting in your back-log waiting to be played?

Here Are The PlayStation Plus Games You Can Download This Tuesday

Welcome to a brand new year, 2016, and with a brand new year comes a whole slate of new free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers. PS4 owners can start off 2016 with either a remastered classic adventure game from the late 90s Grim Fandango or a modern take on vehicular combat with Hardware: Rivals. PS3 […]


This year was great, but when can I play all of these games?

Let’s be real, 2015 was a fantastic year for gaming. Of course, there were some misses like the monetization for Battlefront and EVOLVE, and… whatever the hell happened to the PC release of Arkham Knight. But, stepping away from those, it’s after Christmas, so let’s look at our definite hits that we have, and enjoy […]


2016 and Gaming: A Year in Preview

As we’re closing in on the end of one year and getting ready to start the next, a lot of people are reflecting on the year that’s past and others are looking at the year to come. I’m one of those looking to the future and I’ll tell you why: 2016 and the coming years […]

Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV PS4 Version Slated For June Release By Amazon Japan

Amazon Japan has created an entry for Final Fantasy XV that may reveal that the game is scheduled for a June 2016 in that country. We already know that Square Enix is planning to announce the release date of XV sometime this coming March so perhaps a early summer release in Japan and a Fall […]


Here’s Most of The Canadian Boxing Day Gaming Deals

With Christmas Day now past us I’m sure some of our readers are collecting their holiday cash and gift cards and getting ready to head down to the favorite retailer to purchase some new games. Perhaps you’re staying in-doors and doing a little shopping online instead? Regardless – Broken Joysticks has a rundown of all […]


Users Reporting Sign-In Issues With PlayStation Network

Last Christmas gamers all over the world filled social media, popular gaming forums and online spaces with stories of their frustration connecting to both the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. The DDOS attacks of 2014 were the responsibility of a group calling themselves “Lizard Squad” and if early reports are accurate Christmas is about to […]


PlayStation Flash sale Could Be Imminent

If a social media screen-cap posted on Neogaf is to be believed then a holiday weekend long Flash Sale may be forthcoming in the next few hours on the playstation store. Posted by Gaf user Spy this Facebook post seemingly comes from PlayStation’s Mexican social media page and advertises a sale featuring some of the […]

Playstation Plus

No PlayStation Plus IGC Announcement Until Dec 30th

If you’re hitting F5 repeatedly on the PlayStation Blog hoping for Sony to announce a Christmas Miracle in the form of January 2016’s Instant Games Collection you can probably stop because it looks like we won’t find out about next month’s free games until December 30th. On Twitter PlayStation’s EU community manager Fred Dutton was […]


Activision & Avenged Sevenfold Shred With New Live GHTV Content

Activision has partnered with probably one of my favorite bands Avenged Sevenfold to bring some exclusive live content to Guitar Hero Live’s GHTV mode.  Fans can jam along with members of the band as they introduce and talk about some of their favorite classic rock songs including tracks from bands like Pantera, Weezer, AFI, Faith […]


Playstation Store Holiday Sale Week 3 Deals Now Live

Sony has updated the PlaySation Store with brand new deals for week three of their holiday sale. These deals are good until December 28th when presumably the last set of discounts will go live. Here’s a partial list – all prices in Canadian Dollars as I am based in Canada: PS4 Deals Until Dawn – […]

Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3 | Review

Version Reviewed: PlayStation 4 Planning on blowing up DRM? You’ll need a Demolitions Permit, or a Just Cause. The premise: The franchise’s protagonist, Rico Rodriguez, returns to his home, the fictional nation of Medici, which is now ruled by an oppressive militaristic regime under Generalissimo Sebastiano Di Ravello. The results: Gloriously cheesy one-liners from a sexy […]


Tales of Berseria Announced For PS4 and PC North American Release

In news that is sure to delight fans of the long running Tales of series, such as myself, Bandai Namco has confirmed via a brand new trailer that the latest entry Tales of Berseria will be releasing sometime in the west for PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. In their announcement blog post the publisher briefly […]

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